The Strange Bazaar

On the edge of town, near what must’ve once been an inn, sits a familiar-looking tent. Dark drapery and flowing fog beckon, while a glowing sign promises one thing: Strange Items.


Bauble of Plant Speak

Wizard Trinket, Uncommon

Happy Holidays Handbook. pg 8

Survival Ornament 80

Fireheart's Fingers

Magic item, Uncommon

Happy Holidays Handbook. pg 8

Combat Gloves 1900

Automatic Signpost

Wizard Trinket, Rare

This sign, if placed in the ground, points to the nearest city. It must be hammered in, and with each turn it will rotate towards the city, finally resting on the sixth hit.

adapted from Re: Interesting Magic Trinkets by FireEyes on GiantITP

Survival Signpost 30

Bag of Duplication

Wizard Trinket, Rare

Put any object that can fit through a 1-foot diameter hole into this bag, and you can draw it back out, plus a duplicate. The duplicate has no value (magical items have no magic, weapons are pot-metal, coins are base metal, jewels are glass, food is non-nutritious, etc.)

adapted from Re: "Useless" magic items needed! by Jay R on GiantITP

Trickery Bag 200

Bird Flute

Witch Trinket, Rare

A roughly carved wooden birdwhistle that attracts mundane birds.

adapted from Interesting Magic Trinkets by MrEdwardNigma on GiantITP

Survival Instrument, Flute 5

Black Candle

Witch Trinket, Uncommon

Dungeon\u{00AD}eering Candle 30


Witch Trinket, Rare

Invented by the witch Shrow Danger. A thick burlap sack, covered in dim runes, with something cat-shaped inside it. The cat appears to be dead, and will not respond to anything done to it. When the bag is opened, the cat immediately resurrects, leaping out and attacking the nearest creature. If the bag is filled with anything, it will recharge overnight, replacing the contents with a new cat.

adapted from Re: "Useless" magic items needed! by Nehh on GiantITP

Combat Bag 20

Chalice of Finest Imbibing

Wizard Trinket, Rare

Survival Utensil, Cup 250

Coin of False Fates

Witch Trinket, Rare

When its owner flips it and calls it in the air, it always lands on the opposite side called.

adapted from Re: Interesting Magic Trinkets by FireEyes on GiantITP

Trickery Coin 17

Constrictor Rope

Wizard Trinket, Uncommon

Enchanted rope. It grapples the nearest humanoid upon uncoiling, lasting for 15 minutes with a Strength of 20. It is as tough as a normal rope, and if cut will disenchant.

adapted from Interesting Magic Trinkets by MrEdwardNigma on GiantITP

Combat Rope 50

Dragon Lighter

Gnome Trinket, Common

A small metal dragon which spits a small blue flame if you press it’s tail. It is capable of creating fire like a tinderbox, but never runs out of fuel.

adapted from Interesting Magic Trinkets by MrEdwardNigma on GiantITP

Survival Light 7

Ivory Truffle Pig

Witch Trinket, Rare

This ivory statuette of a pig can be commanded to find the nearest source of food, fresh water, or truffles. It can only be activated once per day, and for no longer than 2 hours.

Its speed is 1 mile per hour.

adapted from Re: Interesting Magic Trinkets by Randomguy on GiantITP

Survival Figure 200

Key of Nowhere

Wizard Trinket, Uncommon

These keys can be used to lock or unlock any door as long there is nothing in the room on the other side.

For the purpose of this object's ability, doors and windows count as 'something.'

adapted from Re: "Useless" magic items needed! by boomwolf on GiantITP

Dungeon\u{00AD}eering 5

Miniature Golem

Gnome Trinket, Rare

A really small golem, similar in appearance to an action figure. It would perform any single-word command to its best ability (which, frankly, isn't very well).

adapted from Re: Interesting Magic Trinkets by SilverLeaf167 on GiantITP

Crafting Figure 77

Northern Gaze

Witch Trinket, Rare

A carved wooden eye, which when put in water, points north.

adapted from Interesting Magic Trinkets by MrEdwardNigma on GiantITP

Survival 100

Onion Hoe

Witch Trinket, Rare

Once per day, unearths a ripe onion from a normal patch of dirt.

adapted from 100 Magical Items of Varying Utility by Trevor Scott on Never Engine

Survival Tool, Hoe 26


Wizard Trinket, Rare

This bag always contains exactly one copper piece when opened, regardless of its contents when last fully closed. No one knows where items go if placed in the bag, only that when it is opened again they have been replaced by a single copper coin. This ability only activates when the bag is unobserved for over an hour.

adapted from Re: Interesting Magic Trinkets by DaMullet on GiantITP

Finance Bag 87

Pocket Sand

Gnome Trinket, Uncommon

A magic pouch filled with coarse, rough sand.

Once per day, when a creature within 5 ft. initiates a melee attack against you, you may throw sand into their face as a reaction.

Target makes a DC 13 Dexterity save. On fail, target becomes blinded until the end of it's turn, and fails its attack. On a succesful save, the target continues its attack at disadvantage.

Creatures without eyes are immune to the sand's effects.

by Sentient_Cheerios on r/UnearthedArcana

Combat Bag, Pouch 25

Ring, Invisible

Gnome Trinket, Rare

A ring that is invisible, but otherwise normal.

Oddity Ring 1

Ring, Invulnerable

Gnome Trinket, Rare

A ring that is invulnerable, but otherwise normal.

Oddity Ring 36

Ring of Detect Thoughts

Wizard Trinket, Rare

Informs the wearer as to whether they are pointing at a being capable of thought.

adapted from Re: "Useless" magic items needed! by Dorizzit on GiantITP

Dungeon\u{00AD}eering Ring 100

Rings of Friendship

Gnome Trinket, Rare

These two rings are each inset with a symbol of a heart, and will warm slightly when they are within 30 ft of each other. Rumors speak of more powerful rings, that span the world.

adapted from Re: "Useless" magic items needed! by MorkaisChosen on GiantITP

Dungeon\u{00AD}eering Ring 15

Robe of Useless Items

Wizard Trinket, Rare

This Robe has pockets from which it's wearer can pull nearly any mundane item, though the item extracted is guaranteed to be relatively unhelpful for the current situation. They may do so once per short rest, and the item pulled out will never be worth more than 2 gp.

adapted from Re: Interesting Magic Trinkets by Roak Star on GiantITP

Oddity Robe 40

Solar Torch

Gnome Trinket, Uncommon

As Everburning Torch, but only functions above ground during the day, or within the area of a Daylight spell.

adapted from Re: Interesting Magic Trinkets by Nepenthe on GiantITP

Survival Light 13

Terracotta Flask

Witch Trinket, Rare

A small earthen flask which fills itself daily with cow urine.

adapted from Interesting Magic Trinkets by MrEdwardNigma on GiantITP

Trickery 8

Wand of Olives

Witch Trinket, Rare

Carved from a gnarled olive branch, this wand can produce one olive every hour. Oddly, it can only create green olives with a pimento in the center. Attempting to remove the pimento causes the olive to shrivel up like a raisin.

adapted from Re: "Useless" magic items needed! by TheCountAlucard on GiantITP

Survival Survival 24

Xiao's Pants

Wizard Trinket, Very rare

Created by the wizard Xiao, they appear to be normal pants. Once per day, while bartering, these strange pants will magically generate spare change in their pockets. The change is 1d12 sp, and 1d20 cp.

inspired by Xian coins and Xian pants from Avernum 3 as recorded by Rehctawthgin on Spiderweb Software Forums

Finance Pants 335

Xiao's Hefty Pebble

Wizard Trinket, Rare

Created by the wizard Xiao, this is a small smooth speherical stone with a burning rune on it. After being thrown or shot, the stone returns to the owner's hand.

Any damage done by the stone is considered magic for the purpose of bypassing damage reduction.

Once per day, an additional palm-fitting stone will appear next to the pebble in the owner's inventory.

based on Xian Rock from the Avernum games by Spiderweb Software

Combat Ammo, Bullet 550

Dragon Bile

Alchemist potion, Rare

Harvested from the salivary glands of a dragon, and suspended with sulferous salts, this vial will cause the drinker to spew a dragon's breath immediately.

modified from 50 Consumable "Trinkets" by Hado11 on r/UnearthedArcana

Combat Potion, Damage 250

Elixer of Seniority

Witch potion, Rare

Ages the drinker by 1d10 years, wearing off by 1 year per month.

adapted from 100 Magical Items of Varying Utility by Trevor Scott on Never Engine

Trickery Potion, Transformation 20

Forgemaster's Blend

Drink, Rare

Hailing from the sulferous mountains of the south, this drink is a favorite among Fire Giants and Sand Gnolls. It must be served hot to gain its effects.

Drinking the brew constitutes a short rest.

adapted from prolongedWanderer on r/UnearthedArcana

Survival Potion, Restoration 50

Joseph's Blend

Drink, Uncommon

A bitter roasty liquid, the drinking of which temporarily removes one level of exhaustion for four hours, or until the drinker's next rest. This effect cannot stack.

Survival Potion, Restoration 25

Pickled Eyesalve

Witch potion, Uncommon

A jar of gooey salve with twenty small eyeballs in it. Each heals 1d4 wounds, but will make you Sickened for one round.

adapted from Interesting Magic Trinkets by MrEdwardNigma on GiantITP

Combat Potion, Restoration 77

Questionable Ointment

, Uncommon

Combat Potion, Restoration 100

Vampire Blood

Alchemist potion, Rare

A dangerous concoction, this blood was taken from a vampire before it was killed. It has been mostly neutralized with holy water and birch ash. It has a label which reads: "For external use only - do not drink!"

If used as a perfume, the user gains Advantage on Persuasion checks for twelve hours.

There is enough blood for a week of daily usages.

modified from 50 Consumable "Trinkets" by Hado11 on r/UnearthedArcana

Trickery Potion, Perfume 500

Venom Shot

Witch potion, Rare

A tooth with a canal running through. There’s still enough venom to Paralyse one person for 5 minutes.

adapted from Interesting Magic Trinkets by MrEdwardNigma on GiantITP

Combat Potion, Damage 50

Atlas of Unreal Places


Pages of maps of places that either are extraplanar, or imaginary.

Knowledge Book 25

Bear Lore


A large book describing numerous features of bears, including their daily habits.

Survival Book 25

But There's One They Fear


A text describing archfiends, archdemons, shadowlords, and hollow kings.

Knowledge Book 75

Discern Name


A useful spell for divining the name of places and landmarks.

by SingleCelledPsyk on r/UnearthedArcana

Knowledge Book 36

Everything Purple

Text by Zibgar the Skuller, The Imperial Scriptorum

Written by a group of goblin scholars, it describes all the purple things that exist in the south.

As an action, the owner can use the book to make a Survival or Investigation check against a purple thing from the south, as if they were proficient.

Survival Book 25

Faking Compassion for the Grumpy Adventurer


A self-help how-to guide on getting along with travelling companions. Written from the perspective of a grumpy warlock, it is especially helpful for dealing with others who may differ on alignment.

Trickery Book 25

A Farewell to Arms


Anatomical guides for what is safe to remove and how.

The owner gains advantage on Heal checks related to appendages.

Survival Book 25

If I Burnt It


Written from the first person by an adventurer who was acquited of mass arson charges, it is "not an admission of guilt."

Trickery Book 25



An autobiography written by a stone golem that lived so long it gained personality. It describes the psychology of a golem with fascinating detail.

Trickery Book 25

The King in Yellow


Collected accounts describing a forbidden play.

When the owner reaches level three, they may choose the College of the Yellow King.

Knowledge Book 400

Lawbond: Order Beneath the Mountain


Translated full text of the dwarven legal code, as ratified in BE172.

Knowledge Book 40

Ludba's Complete Eldritch Primer


Collection of Ludba's adaptations of warlock magicks to wizard spells. When the reader next levels up, they may choose a warlock spell instead of a wizard spell, of equal level.

Combat Book 600

Melklar's Fleshbinding Compendium


Thick leather book with dark pages, written by the necromancer Melklar. It describes how to bind books using skins and hides.

The owner can use Craft (Bookbinding) with skins and hides.

Crafting Book 80

Melklar's Thousand Ways of Brain Sautees


Morbid diagrams and macabre recipes for canivores and cannibals.

The owner can prepare humanoid and animal brains for eating, providing a single meal per brain.

Survival Book 100

A Nymph's Guide to Flirtation


The script from a baudy play responsible for many poison ivy rashes. There's a fair bit of truth in it though.

Trickery Book 15

On the Proper and Reasonable Use of Magic Ink


A style guide showing how to use various types of magical ink. It contains several spells for various purposes.

Instant Recall Sigil originally by **neoforestial on r/UnearthedArcana

Knowledge Book 37

Summon Librarian


A spell used to summon helpful librarians.

Knowledge Book 8050

To Love and to Mourn: A Slime Tale


Cheap prose with some very explicit, raunchy scenes.

Dungeon\u{00AD}eering Book 250

The True Power of Bees


Controversial seventeen page essay arguing for the true power of summoning bees instead of other animals. Contains a modified Summon Animals spell.

Combat Book 175

To Hurt a Dragon's Feelings


A tale of how a metallic dragon had his heart broken by a vile and mean black knight.

Trickery Book 25

Vast, Unspeakable, Edible Horrors


Recipe book from The Far Realm.

The owner can make survival checks to harvest meat from aberrations as if they were beasts.

Survival Book 60

The Way of Laughter and Slaughter

Tome by Unknown, Pilfizz the Skuller, Elder #####

The only known text ever written by a gnoll. Describes their death philosophy, and their gods.

If a character would choose their deity while owning this tome, they may choose one of the Gnoll Gods as their deity.

Knowledge Book 120

Zen and the Art of Golems


Monastic guide for crafting ki golems.

The owner can attempt to Craft golems that are capable of simple tasks.

Crafting Book 250

Arachnid Bow

Masterwork item, Rare

Combat Weapon, Longbow 3500

Arc of the Sun

Magic item, Rare

Smithed by the last daughter of a military general, she used this battleaxe to fend off hoards of gnolls from taking her village.

Shining Light. When facing four or more enemies, the axe glows brightly to inspire its wielder and her allies. The blade emits sunlight in a 30-foot radius. You can dismiss or reactivate this feature as a bonus action.

Stand Your Ground. On your turn, you may spend your move action to make one additional melee weapon attack. You may only use this feature on a turn when you have not moved yet, and you may not move after.

modified from A Plethora of Plausibly Profitable Provisions from Phaelsivem by *pants__cat*

Combat Weapon, Battleaxe 1000

Blink, Aegis of the Moment

Magic item, Rare

Combat Armor, Shield 2000

Bullwhip of Manipulation

Masterwork item, Uncommon

Combat Weapon, Whip 1000

Cleaver of Wild Swings

Masterwork item, Rare

Combat Weapon, Greataxe 800

Dagger of Betrayal

Masterwork item, Rare

Combat Weapon, Dagger 1000

Defiant Skull Charm

Wondrous item, Rare

Combat Amulet 600

Glaive of the Bronze Legion

Magic item, Rare

Combat Weapon, Glaive 1400

Glimmer, Breaker of Suffering

Masterwork item, Uncommon

Combat Weapon, Warhammer 4000

Glimmering Bowstring

Wondrous item, Rare

Combat Weapon, Bow 800

Helm of the Undaunted Warrior

Wondrous item, Uncommon

Combat Armor, Helmet 2300

Incomplete Set of Dragonforged Silverware

Minor Artifact, Uncommon

This set of silverware was crafted by an ancient silver dragon, and passed down to his grandson.

Searing Silver. These utensils purify all food consumed with them like the spell Purify Food and Drink

Little Knives. The knives from this set are extremely sharp. The knives are considered improvised weapons, with a +1 enchantment, and deal Silvered piercing or slashing damage.

The set is missing three forks.

inspired by The Adventure Zone by Griffin McElroy

Survival Utensil, Cutlery 300

Jah'rakai, Handaxes of Fervor

Magic item, Very rare

Combat Weapon, Handaxe 2000

Lionhead Amulet

Minor artifact, Very rare

Combat Amulet 7000

Mantle of Goring

Wondrous item, Uncommon

Combat Armor, Cape 2500

Outcast Blade, Relic of the Vigil Knights

Magic item, Legendary

Combat Weapon, Greatsword 2400

Perkin's Tent

Magic item, Very rare

Survival Tent 2000

Phantom Knight's Armor

Magic item, Rare

Combat Armor, Suit 1000

Ring of the Stranger

Minor artifact, Uncommon

A tarnished wedding band. Gives disadvantage on being recognized.

Trickery Ring 180

Screaming Blade

Masterwork item, Rare

Forged the night of a tragic death, this blade is embued with the pain and misery of the smith who forged it. Speckles pattern the steel, where their tears fell.

This blade releases a loud scream upon unsheathing. When drawn, its wielder immediately rerolls initiative and uses that number instead if it’s higher than their current initiative.

If drawn upon the start of combat, it immediately ends your surprise round, but gives you advantage on rolling initiative.

inspired by Re: "Useless" magic items needed! by Eurus on GiantITP

Combat Weapon, Longsword 600

Silver Moon Spear

Masterwork item, Rare

This spear has a long darkwood staff that provides Reach, and a gleaming white blade that faintly glows in the dark. It is thought to have belonged to the personal protector of a magnanimous king. The blade is curved to catch and sail through the air, building momentum.

Glow of the Moon Queen. The spear provides dim illumination in a 5ft. sphere around the blade.

Polearm. This spear qualifies for the Polearm Mastery feat when wielded with two hands.

All the Light Touches. Once per short or long rest, you may spend an action to make a Whirlwind Attack while wielding this spear with one or two hands. You make one attack against each foe within reach.

The weapon is considered Silvered for the purpose of bypassing damage reduction and immunity.

modified from A Plethora of Plausibly Profitable Provisions from Phaelsivem by *pants__cat*

Combat Weapon, Spear 900

Twilight Acromony

Magic item, Rare

Combat Weapon, Kama 2000

Veiled Dagger

Magic item, Rare

Combat Weapon, Dagger 2500